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Basic Classes
Get Your Endorsement

Basic RiderCourse

Using our bike learn to ride,
get your motorcycle endorsement and start to feel the freedom of the road

$385 (2 Days) + Prep
New Rider

Basic RiderCourse 2

Using your bike, correct bad habits, be reminded of things you do best, and get your motorcycle endorsement

$250 (1 Day + Prep)
Seasoned Rider

Women Only Classes

All courses can be delivered in a women only format for those more comfotable learning with other women

Same prices
All Riders

Private Lessons

Any course can be tailored in format
and delivery to meet your individual goals and schedule requirements

$90 /Hr. (3 hr. min)
All Riders

Our Clients Believe in Us

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Civilian Top Gun Academy
Improve your riding skills

Civilian Top Gun

(Intro Skills for Precision Riding)

Develop your advanced clutch, throttle, brake and balance control using the technology designed into your motorcycle.

$200(1/2 Day)

Civilian Top Gun

(Fundamentals of Precision Riding)

Master Your Near Lane Right 90º Angle Starts, Small Space Precision Curves, Higher Speed Proper Stopping and Swerves

$250(1/2 Day)

Civilian Top Gun

(Advanced Precision Riding)

This One Could Save Your Life!
Review prior course skills, then Figure 8's, Snowman, Intersections and Emergency Braking & Evasion

$250( 1/2 Day)

Civilian Top Gun

(Applied Precision Rider Rodeo)

Nothing but Close Quarter Cone Patterns, With All Previous Sessions of Civilian Top Gun Applied to a Simulated Rodeo Session of Riding

$250( 1/2 Day)

Here Is What They Are Saying

Our Clients Believe in Us

state-of-the-art training

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The Meaning of the three T´s


Using the latest techniques in adult learning our instructors facilitate your development from whatever skill level you bring to the levels you want to achieve.


Learn to take maximum advantage of your bikes inherent design capabilities.


We are experts in developing your talent so you are safe, comfotable and excited to be on two wheels. Let your adventure begin!

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